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Hot Deals!

Birch Logs offers decorative birch logs in Little Falls, MN that comes in several sizes. Place your order to add that special touch to your room.

Fragrant Firewood for Sale from offers premium quality firewood for residential and commercial use.


BBQ & Smoking Wood offers different types of barbecue wood in Little Falls, MN that’s perfect for smoking or cooking. Order today to get the perfect wood.

       BBQ Wood Chips
       BBQ Wood Chunks
       BBQ Firewood

Natural Lump Charcoal
Three species: Mesquite, Hickory, & Oak is easily started and 100% natural ensuring the best flavors for the best cooking.

Pizza Oven Wood has quality pizza oven firewood for baking bread and pizza. Order today to get the perfect combination of heat and longevity.

       Using A Wood Fired Brick Oven

Specialty Woods features several types of specialty firewood in Little Falls, MN. Order from our online store to cooking, fragrant woods, and more.

       Smoking Wood
       Cedar Grilling Planks
       Natural Charcoal
       Fragrant Firewood

Commercial Firewood
Restaurant firewood for fireburning ovens, stoves, grills featuring mesquite, pinion, apple, cherry, maple and other specialty woods.

DNR-Approved Firewood
Purchase your campfire wood at Paul's Fireplace Wood which is DNR Approved, stop in and pick up or we will deliver.

Products & Services provides premium quality Minnesota burning wood for fireplaces and cooking grills and ovens.

Paul's Fireplace Wood Newsletter for Firewood Tips and Promotions.

Become a Fireplace Wood Expert.

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Contact Us provides fireplace wood and specialty cooking woods for residential and commercial use.

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New Online Store provides the finest Minnesota firewood for decoration, cooking, and for the fireplace.

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