Your Source For Premium Firewood

Paul’s Fireplace Wood provides premium firewood for residential and commercial customers throughout the United States.

FREE Nationwide shipping available!
Local MN Firewood Delivery

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FREE Nationwide shipping available!
Local MN Firewood Delivery

Use Code FIREWOOD75  to save $75 on pizza ovens from Authentic Pizza Ovens!

Your Source For Premium Firewood

Paul’s Fireplace Wood provides premium firewood for residential and commercial customers throughout the United States.





Choose the best aged oak pizza oven wood on the market, and keep your customers coming back for more!

These days, everyone is cooking their pizzas in open air, wood-burning ovens, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does wood fired pizza cook faster, but the final pie is actually healthier, too! And that’s not to mention the delicious, smoky flavor that’s impossible to replicate with a conventional oven.
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Bring home old-fashioned, hand-split firewood and enjoy the warmth and comfort of a crisp, clean-burning fire!

Unfortunately, not all firewood is created equally. At Paul’s Fireplace Wood, we understand that, and we take pride in providing only the highest quality cut and split firewood to our customers. To ensure your order is free from bugs and disease, our wood is sourced from DNR approved sites, most of which are on Minnesota state land. Our cut and split wood is naturally dried for 1½–2 years for a low moisture content and a safe, long-lasting burn. Each log is examined before packaging for quality assurance.

Firewood is available as a mix of oak, birch and maple only. 

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Cooking with real wood is the only way to get that authentic, smoky flavor you’re seeking. You can easily improve your charcoal grill with the addition of high-quality smoking wood chips. Unlike BBQ chunks, wood chips are much smaller and best used for quick bursts of smoke. If you’re cooking a smaller cut of meat or you want just a hint of smokiness, smoking chips are the key. Because they burn quickly, they’re often used alongside charcoal, which allows them to smolder and quickly release flavor into the meat. Sold online, in-store and via nationwide shipping.

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Sold online, in-store and via nationwide shipping. Infuse your smoked meats with authentic, mouthwatering flavor with high quality BBQ wood chunks!

When it comes to smoking and grilling meats, using real wood is the best way to enhance the flavor. If you’re looking for an upgrade from plain old charcoal, BBQ wood chunks are about the same size and function similarly. Add the chunks to the coals just before you begin cooking your meat, and the flavorful smoke they produce will make all the difference in smell and taste.

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Our barbecue wood logs are sold online, in-store and via nationwide shipping. Our BBQ woods are ideal for barbecuing, smoking and cooking. Flavors include:

  • Hickory
  • Mesquite
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Birch
  • Pecan
  • Post Oak
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World's Best Firewood and Cooking Wood Delivered to Your Door!

Local Twin Cities & BRAINERD LAKES AREA Firewood Delivery

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Best Firewood In Minnesota - Cut, Split and Delivered Dry!

Not in the Twin Cities or Brainerd? No Problem! We can ship firewood orders nationwide ranging from a single pallet to a full truck load. We offer commercial and residential firewood shipping.

Firewood Delivery Area
Firewood delivery area MN

Our delivery area extends from Little Falls to the Twin Cities metro along the highway 10 corridor, including St. Cloud and North to the Brainerd/Pequot Lakes area running along highway 371. If you’re unsure about your address qualifying for free delivery, please give us a call, we may be close by! 

We're a DNR Approved Firewood Vendor


Always Clean and Never Green!


Firewood For Cooking

From homes to national restaurant chains our firewood is trusted to deliver the most delectable eats! Wood for pizza ovens, wood for grilling or smoking, we have what you need. BBQ wood chips and wood chunks in a wide variety of species. From cherry to mesquite to post oak, we've got you covered!


Residential Firewood

Our premium firewood includes a mix of oak, birch and maple firewood. Our firewood is perfect for both fireplaces and bonfires. Our firewood delivery area in Minnesota covers a broad section of Central Minnesota. Click HERE to view our Minnesota firewood delivery area.


Commercial Firewood

We offer a wide variety of firewood products to meet the needs of businesses in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul as well as across the United States. Many recognizable brands trust Paul's Fireplace Wood to deliver delicious meals that keep their customers coming back for more!



Paul’s Fireplace Wood provides premium firewood for residential and commercial customers throughout the United States. We offer perfectly aged and dried firewood from several popular species to ensure the most s’more-worthy campfires and tastiest barbeque cookouts. Whether you’re seeking wood for your fireplace, grilling and smoking, pizza-making, or just a good old bonfire, you’ll find what you’re looking for among our wide variety of firewood products.

Paul’s Fireplace Wood delivers firewood to the Twin Cities Metro area of Minneapolis–St. Paul and throughout the Brainerd Lakes and St. Cloud areas. We service residential locations, as well as commercial restaurants throughout the Metro area. Our firewood is delivered with over 40 years of experience supplying homes and businesses with premium firewood. Our deliveries arrive clean and on time, and our expert staff ensures a neat and orderly process.

Paul’s also partners with professional freight companies to offer nationwide shipping on several specialty commercial firewood products. We take the utmost care when inspecting our firewood before it’s shipped to ensure it arrived as promised: clean, dry, and ready to enjoy. View our online store for a complete catalog of our firewood products that are eligible for nationwide shipping.

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Don’t settle for anything but the best cooking wood and wood for smoking.

Wood chunks for smokers



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Handmade wood-fired ovens are without a doubt among the finest, most authentic ovens in the world. They are crafted from quality natural materials to ensure the best, most authentic product. Each oven is triple insulated which is very important when looking for a wood-fired oven. Our ovens are one piece and not pre fabricated kits. Authentic Pizza Ovens are hand-made by artisans local to a town just north of Lisbon, Portugal.

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