Paul’s Fireplace Wood Inc. offers a large variety of firewood products to meet the different commercial business’ needs. We offer barbecue and cooking woods in firewood, chunks, and chips.

Paul’s Fireplace Wood Inc. has supplied restaurants and hotels in the Twin Cities Metro area, as well as many restaurants across the United States, for the past 25 years. We have a very good order and delivery system that works well with our different accounts.

The wood is 15-16” in length and has a quarter split. The chunks are “softball to baseball” size. The wood has a 1 ½ to 2 year dry.

We have oak, birch, maple, apple, hickory, cherry, pecan post oak, and mesquite in the different forms of firewood, chunks, and chips. 

Pizza Oven wood is also offered, and comes in small size split oak or large split oak. We also offer natural kindling.

If a special request is needed, such as a different length wood or a larger split, we will customize the firewood to your needs. Please check out our online store for a catalog of our specialty wood products that can be shipped worldwide. The products listed in the catalog are available in bulk and we offer a price discount when they are ordered in bulk.


Please call us for your specific information.