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The quality of firewood that you burn will greatly affect the efficiency of your system. The main factors you should be concerned with are moisture content, tree species and piece size.

Burning wood that is wet will result in a loss of energy output because the energy being consumed is primarily used for boiling and evaporating the water present in the wood.

Paul’s Fireplace Wood sells only properly seasoned wood burns easily and efficiently.

Cut and split wood in early spring, stack under cover for burning in the fall. Consult your firewood dealer for more tips and questions.

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Shipping Wood

At Paul’s Fireplace Wood, we ship by several different methods. We are currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all boxes of firewood!

  1. Within our primary residential and restaurant service area in Minnesota we ship via our clean and professional trucks. You can expect to see our logo on the trucks and can rest assured you’re getting the best firewood neatly delivered to your location.
  2. Five state area – We use Spee-Dee Delivery service for most of our customers out side our primary truck delivery region. Spee-Dee has demonstrated great reliability and is the least expensive way for us to ship our firewood regionally. Always call us to get a solid quote on shipping and you’ll find it very affordable.
  3. Beyond the five state region, we use either UPS or LTL (a Fed Ex service), for larger quantities and pallets of wood. Since our restaurant firewood is in such high demand, many customers in the hospitality business want reliable, well-seasoned firewood – what you can expect from Paul’s Fireplace Wood. To begin the process, please call 800-347-3966 or use our customer inquiry form for bulk firewood orders HERE.
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The chimney is very important to an efficient burning heat source in your home.

For more information on optimal chimney operation go to our Chimney page.

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A smoke filled house is not only unsafe but the smell will stay in the furniture and carpeting for a time.

Smokey fireplaces are symptomatic of several potential problems.

To learn how to avoid smokey fireplaces go HERE.

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Burning Wood

Another thought concerning getting what you pay for is that although firewood is usually sold by volume, heat production is dependent on weight.

Pound for pound, all wood has approximately the same BTU content, but a cord of seasoned hardwood weighs about twice as much as the same volume of softwood, and consequently contains almost twice as much potential heat.

If the wood you are buying is not all hardwood, consider offering a little less in payment.

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The sap in seasoned wood has dried up. Unseasoned, or green wood, won’t burn well (if at all) because it is too wet. If the wood is extremely heavy and has sap oozing out of it, it’s too early to burn.

Wood takes from six months to a year to season; most wood being sold now was cut last spring.

To tell whether wood is seasoned, knock two logs together. Well-seasoned logs make a sharp ringing sound. Well-seasoned logs will be cracked on the ends, not be reddish or golden in color and not have a woody smell.

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There are a few things you can look for to see if the wood you intend to purchase is seasoned or not. Well seasoned firewood generally has darkened ends with cracks or splits visible, it is relatively lightweight, and makes a clear “clunk” when two pieces are beat together.

Green wood on the other hand is very heavy, the ends look fresher, and it tends to make a dull “thud” when struck. These clues can fool you however, and by far the best way to be sure you have good wood when you need it is to buy your wood the spring before you intend to burn it and store it properly.

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