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Paul’s Fireplace Wood provides premium firewood for residential and commercial customers throughout the United States. We offer perfectly aged and dried firewood from several popular species to ensure the most s’more-worthy campfires and tastiest barbeque cookouts. Whether you’re seeking wood for your fireplace, grilling and smoking, pizza-making, or just a good old bonfire, you’ll find what you’re looking for among our wide variety of firewood products.

Paul’s Fireplace Wood delivers firewood to the Twin Cities Metro area of Minneapolis–St. Paul and throughout the Brainerd Lakes and St. Cloud areas. We service residential locations, as well as commercial restaurants throughout the Metro area. Our firewood is delivered with over 40 years of experience supplying homes and businesses with premium firewood. Our deliveries arrive clean and on time, and our expert staff ensures a neat and orderly process.

Paul’s also partners with professional freight companies to offer nationwide shipping on several specialty commercial firewood products. We take the utmost care when inspecting our firewood before it’s shipped to ensure it arrived as promised: clean, dry, and ready to enjoy. View our online store for a complete catalog of our firewood products that are eligible for nationwide shipping.

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Established 1984

Based out of Little Falls, Minnesota, Paul’s Fireplace Wood, Inc. is family owned and operated by Sharon Wilczek, her children, and our valued staff. From humble beginnings, the Wilczeks found an opportunity to enter the firewood industry while building their home. Adventurous and outdoorsy, they didn’t balk at the chance to clear their own land of trees, which they processed and sold locally as firewood. The venture planted a seed in their entrepreneurial brains, and soon after, Paul’s Fireplace Wood was born.

Throughout our years of growth, we’ve maintained the same homegrown values that our business was founded on. In a world that’s so often over-automated, we believe in the importance of a personal touch when doing business—even if it’s as simple as hearing a real person on the other end of a phone call.

Our company strives to provide the highest level of service for both our new and returning customers, and we’re happy to fulfil special requests. We back our professionalism with timely deliveries, responsive communication, and, of course, our high-quality, dry aged firewood products—always clean and never green. With over 40 years of experience in the firewood business, Paul’s Fireplace Wood is ready to serve you with our expertise.



Cooking over a select wood fire provides unmatched flavor to all foods. Adding smoke in the last half of the cook time will increase flavor as well as adding a rich color.
Choose from the following wood species for the perfect open cooking or smoking fire every time.
  • Wood varieties that will add a mild or sweet flavor are apple, cherry or plum.
  • Woods that give medium smoke flavor are oak, maple, pecan and hickory. These go very well with pork, also are strong enough to be good with beef and wild game. The oak and hickory will add a rich color as well.
  • Try different combinations for a sweet/smokey flavor like apple with hickory.
  • The strongest flavors come from mesquite and walnut. Best to use these in moderation and with other flavors, like you would use a chile pepper.
  • Be careful to limit the time your food is on with this smoke as it can easily overpower the taste of the meat.
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oven wood

Choose from three different sizes of oak, perfect for cooking fire everywhere! Cooking pizza over a wood fire from Paul's Firewood, provides unmatched flavor to all foods.
Burn the best firewood in your oven, choose from our great selection!
Everyone is baking their own pizzas and bread in open air wood burning ovens!
The taste and presentation of oven cooked foods is indescribable with a special taste that only comes from cooking outdoors!
Paul’s Fireplace Wood selects the finest aged red oak for that perfect combination of heat and longevity making it the perfect choice for wood burning oven cooking!
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