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Natural Lump Charcoal


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Natural hardwood charcoal is 100% hardwood that does not contain additives that are normally found in charcoal briquettes.

Natural hardwood charcoal can be easily ignited without the use of lighter fluid. It also takes less time to heat up than charcoal briquettes.

It burns hotter than briquettes and is able to be smothered out by cutting off the oxygen to the charcoal. When it is smothered, the natural charcoal can be reused at a later time.

Natural Charcoal

Natural Lump Charcoal - Hickory; Appx 20 lbs.

NLC-H Natural Lump Charcoal - Hickory $22.95
Per Bag
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NLC-M Natural Lump Charcoal - Mesquite Appx 20 lbs $22.95
Per Bag
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NLC-O Natural Lump Charcoal - Oak $22.95
Per Bag
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