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Fresh Oven Baked Pizza!

Pizza Oven Firewood in Little Falls, MN

Burn the best firewood in your oven, choose from our great selection!

Everyone is baking their own pizzas and bread in open air wood burning ovens! The taste and presentation of oven cooked foods is indescribable. Paul's Fireplace wood selects the finest aged red oak for that perfect combination of heat and longevity making it the perfect choice for oven wood burning cooking!

Choose from medium or large split red oak 15 - 16 inches in length.

Don't forget to use our kiln-dried kindling to get that fire going fast. It's the best way to ensure your cooking wood gets properly lit in a well distributed fashion. Please note: Shipping weight can vary per species of wood, because it is a natural product.

Pizza Oven Wood

Pizza oven red oak prime burning wood for outdoor cooking; also offering fire starter kindling needed to properly start the cooking fire.

NK Natural Kindling 17 - 20 lbs $18.00
Per Box
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PIZ Pizza Oven Wood - Med | 2"-2.5" | Lg 3"-4" Diameter $25.00
per box
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Medium Large

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