Local Little Falls Firewood Pickup

Pickup Your Firewood Directly From Paul's!

Yes, we offer firewood delivery in Minnesota, but you also have the option of picking up your firewood directly from Paul's! - Just off Highway 371 North of downtown Little Falls


17502 Heron Rd, Little Falls, MN 56345

Grab your firewood bundles, load up a cord, or stop by for discounted firewood including bins of our stub wood or scrap wood bundles! Paul’s is a MUCH better option than buying bundled firewood outside of stores! Come see for yourself!

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Of course we’ve got all of your firewood needs covered. However, when you stop in you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our other options, including BBQ wood, pizza oven wood and even wood for crafting!

Firewood bundles Little Falls

Firewood Bundles


Little Falls MN Firewood

Full Bin - 3 Rows (2 rows & 1 row also available)


BBQ Wood Little Falls MN

BBQ wood
Apple, Cherry, Red Oak, Hickory, Pecan, Post Oak, Mesquite


Bundled firewood Little Falls

Mixed Wood Bags



Whether you live in Little Falls, or are traveling through on your way up North, we’ve got you covered for all of your firewood needs. In addition to our cut and split firewood, BBQ wood, Pizza oven wood and kindling, from time to time we have “one-offs” that can save you a lot of money!


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Pallet Bags of Scrap Oak


Affordable firewood MN

Bin of Slab Wood


Discount firewood MN

Mixed Wood - Stub Bin


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Bag of Stub Wood


Life is Better With a Campfire!

*Availability may be limited

Local Little Falls, Minnesota Firewood Supplier

Where to Buy Firewood?

Stop By Paul's in Little Falls For Your Local Firewood Supply!

Searching Google for “firewood for sale near me”? We’ve got you covered! From the Twin Cities to Brainerd and beyond, customers across Minnesota make it a point to stop by Paul’s for top quality Minnesota firewood. Whether you’re a local from Little Falls, or traveling home from your cabin in the Brainerd area, you can’t miss us as you travel to/from Little Falls. On the West side of Highway 371 you can’t miss our mountains of top quality firewood. 

Stop by with your truck or trailer, and we’ll help load you up! Whether you need a bundle of firewood for an evening fire, or a full load of firewood to last all season, we’re ready for your visit!

Need Firewood For Your Cabin or Home?

STOP! Don’t buy your firewood bundles from the local grocery stores or gas station! Drop by Paul’s for a better option than the local firewood bundles you see outside of stores. We’ll save you money on your firewood, and give you the best quality firewood in Minnesota!

Why Stop By Paul's For Your Firewood?

We sell the best firewood in Minnesota….PLUS you’ll save money over buying your firewood from the front of a store. 

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Minnesota's #1 Firewood Seller

Top Quality Firewood at Competitive Prices

Completely Flexible Firewood Quantities

No matter how much (or how little) firewood you need, you can count on us to load you up with the best firewood in Minnesota!

Drop-ins are always welcome, however, if you know when you’ll be by to pick up your firewood, give us a call and we’ll get your firewood order ready for you!

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Transporting Firewood in Minnesota

Is Firewood from Paul's Safe To Transport in Minnesota? YES IT IS!

What is an MDA Certified Firewood Producer?

MDA-Certified firewood from Paul’s is labeled with the state certificate so you are free to transport our firewood to your Minnesota cabin or home. The MDA certification means that our firewood has been processessed according to state regulations to mitigate any firewood pest risks. This includes having our kiln inspected which allows us to heat our firewood to a specified temperature and moisture content.

Headed to the Cabin? Home From the cabin?

The Best Firewood in Minnesota is Right on the Way!

About Paul's Fireplace Wood

Paul’s Fireplace Wood began as a small business venture started out of our family home, and while we’ve grown and changed since then, we’ve never compromised on the quality of our products. Our residential firewood is never sourced from tree-trimmed, green, or diseased wood. Our firewood products come from state-land cut logs grown on Department of Natural Resources sites, and much of it is harvested during the winter, leaving the final logs free from mud and dirt. We thoroughly inspect our products before shipping to ensure only healthy, high-quality firewood is delivered to our customers’ homes.