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Cook up the ribs, steaks, and burgers of your wildest dreams with premium cut and split grilling firewood!

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with grilling with charcoal. It provides enough heat to get the job done, but it offers next to no enhancement for the flavor of your meat. If you’re ready to take your cooking and smoking to the next level, there’s no finer choice than cut and split grilling wood from Paul’s Fireplace Wood.

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As long as you’re using high-quality wood that’s been properly seasoned and dried, grilling wood will produce more than enough heat to properly cook your meats and veggies. Not only that, but grilling wood offers distinct advantages over charcoal. The smoke released during cooking adds a new, delicious flavor profile to your food and even enhances the color of your meat. Where charcoal can sometimes contain additives, grilling firewood isn’t treated with any undesirable chemicals, leaving your food clean and delicious. Paul’s cut and split grilling firewood is sourced from sites approved by the US Department of Agriculture. We inspect all of our firewood products before any of it leaves our yard. Each piece is dried for 1½–2 years or kiln dried to achieve the low moisture content ideal for grilling wood.

Cut and Split Grilling Firewood

Paul’s Fireplace Wood is proud to offer a variety of species for your grilling, smoking, and cooking needs, each of which provide distinct new flavor notes to your food. Try our fruit woods, apple, or cherry, for a mild sweetness, or go big on smoke and flavor with mesquite. For a versatile grilling wood that works with just about any kind of meat, try hickory or oak. We also offer maple, pecan, and post oak.

Our BBQ grilling firewood is cut to 15–16 inch lengths and is split to fist-sized diameter. Boxes measure 11”x11”x17” and typically weigh around 28 pounds. Please note: because our grilling firewood is a natural product, box weight can vary with respect to the species of wood. 

We, at Paul’s Fireplace Wood, strive to continue our customary great service and we will process your BBQ wood order within two days of purchase. We use trusted shipping providers and your tracking information will be included on the emailed paid receipt for your reference. We also offer in-person pickup from our facility in Little Falls, MN, view our contact page for directions.

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15 - 16 Inches


3 Inches


5 Inches


Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, Oak, Pecan, Post Oak

# Pieces-Estimated

9 - 12

Package Dimension


Cubic Foot


Approximate Weight

25-35 lbs.

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Will this item look exactly like the item pictured?

Due to the natural differences in wood, no two items will look exactly the same. While this item is designed from the same type of wood pictured, each piece will have its own unique appearance and wood-grain.

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