Paul’s Fireplace Wood began as a small business venture started out of our family home, and while we’ve grown and changed since then, we’ve never compromised on the quality of our products. Our residential firewood is never sourced from tree-trimmed, green, or diseased wood. Our firewood products come from state-land cut logs grown on Department of Natural Resources sites, and much of it is harvested during the winter, leaving the final logs free from mud and dirt. We thoroughly inspect our products before shipping to ensure only healthy, high-quality firewood is delivered to our customers’ homes.

Note: All cord sizes are based on a single row stack. A 1/3 cord will be a stack that is 4’ tall and 8’ long.

Minnesota’s Premier Firewood

We offer a standard hardwood mix of oak, birch, and maple firewood, which is ideal for residential use in both fireplaces and bonfires. To ensure proper aging and optimal burning quality, our residential firewood has a 1½–2 year drying period and arrives perfectly seasoned and ready to burn. Each piece measures approximately 15–16 inches in length with a quarter split. We will deliver the quantity that best suits your needs, from 1/6 cord to a full cord or more!

Note: all cord sizes are based on a single row stack of residential firewood. As opposed to cross stacking, single stacking ensures our customers are getting the maximum amount of firewood for their money.

Firewood Delivery Area –
Fast and Free*

At Paul’s Fireplace Wood, we have an excellent delivery system serviced by our helpful, friendly employees. For our residential clients, our delivery area extends from Little Falls to the Twin Cities metro along the highway 10 corridor, including St. Cloud and North to the Brainerd/Pequot Lakes area running along highway 371. If you’re unsure about your address qualifying for free delivery, please give us a call, we may be close by! 

All residential firewood orders are delivered and stacked at your home approximately 1–15 days after ordering. Our clean and quiet delivery trucks operate in the mornings and may arrive as early as 6:00 AM. We pride ourselves on clear communication with our customers, and we will call you one day prior to delivery to confirm our timeline works with your schedule.

*Inside our defined area. Minimum order of 4x4 or 8 bags to qualify. 

With just a phone call, you can also arrange to pick up your firewood order at our facility, located in Little Falls, MN! See our contact page for more details. 


Specialty Firewood

Paul’s Fireplace Wood also offers specialty firewood: apple, cherry, hickory, pecan, post oak, and mesquite. These varieties are sold by the bag, which weigh 50–60 pounds depending on the wood type. A minimum of 8 bags is required for delivery orders, or you can order a smaller amount for pickup at our location in Little Falls, MN.

Shipping options are also available—please check out our online store for a catalog of our specialty wood products that can be shipped nationwide. We partner with reliable freight companies across the country to ensure your residential firewood order arrives on time at comparable cost. We offer several different options for residential firewood delivery, depending on your location. Visit our shipping page to learn more.

Natural and Kiln-Dried Kindling

In addition, we sell kindling. Using kindling is a quick and easy way to get your cozy fire going strong. At Paul’s Fireplace Wood, we offer two forms of kindling—kiln-dried and natural dried—both cut and thoroughly seasoned to maximize their effectiveness. Like our other products, all our kindling is responsibly harvested from DNR-approved firewood and certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Our kindling products are boxed, ready to go, and can be delivered with any residential order at a discounted price. 


Customized Residential Firewood Orders

If you have a special request for your residential firewood order, such as more birch in your hardwood mix or a different length of firewood, please don’t hesitate to ask. Call us at 800-FIREWOOD (320-632-3352), and we would be happy to assist you in customizing your order. Our team takes pride in our responsiveness, and we always have someone around to answer your call in person.

Paul’s Fireplace Wood is family owned, licensed, insured, and OSHA compliant.